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Helpful links to research on key digital marketing topics such as Multicultural Marketing (Hispanic, African American/Black, Asian, Arab, Native American / First Nation communities) as well as cross border advertising for the Latin America and more.

Cross Cultural Consultant: Lee Mozena | Zena Consulting

LEE MOZENA, M.A., is a cross-cultural consultant, trainer, and facilitator. She founded Zena Consulting in 2008. Originally a training and development firm, we’ve since added strategic communications to address the complexity of an increasingly multicultural marketplace. Our mission is improving business capacity and growth through better communications. Our vision is a thriving USA rural and urban middle class prepared to compete globally.

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San Jose Earthquake in 360°


Example of a 360° Video Advertising. In this case, we are using a 360° video where our team embedded a couple of pieces of ads.

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Webinar: Using a Nativity Based View to Drive ROI with Latinos

Using data science, Dr Jake Beniflah found that nativity not language is a better predictor of what Latinos watch on TV. And that between 70-80 percent of Spanish language TV does not reach Latino Millennials. Approximately $1 billion has been over invested in SLTV in reaching this cohort. So don’t miss this webinar. 60 minutes can save you millions of dollars.

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