Hello Walton Isaacson!!

In the first place, thank you for considering Alcance Media Group for your Lexus Campaigns. We are very excited about that and certainly we will do our best to achieve your goals. But today we came here with something new. Back to your RFP we noticed a few things:

“Hispanic A25-54, HHI 75K+ who is an Experiential Master (EM). The following six statements are key characteristics of EMs:

1. Pursue peak experiences in every corner of life—they do everything with the aim of doing it well and enjoying the moment

2. Enjoy sensory stimulation—pleasurable, pampering, and multisensory experiences

3. Individualistic—confident and less concerned about what others think about them

4. Don’t want to be easily read—meaning they aren’t making choices to follow the pack, and will be contrarian,

5. Have extremely high expectations in themselves and in others (quality, customer service, driving experience)

6. Are creative and highly tuned to aesthetics—see textures, recognize quality and craftsmanship”

We took these insights and we have a proposal:

let’s reach your audience using

360° video advertising


1. Please, let us explain to you a little bit about it:


Download (PDF, Unknown)


2. Interesting? let us show you a real 360° ads, customized for Lexus…..


3. And it works! Click here


4. Enjoy it and let us know your thoughts: sales@alcancemg.com