Top Digital Innovator – PortadaLat 2017

Nowadays, consumers are not longer buying products or services, they are buying experiences. Pains: a) for Brands, they can’t anticipate the experience of their products/services before the consumers buy them, b) for Consumers, skepticism when they buy the first time and their apprehension to the possible frustration if they do not like what they are buying. Opportunity: Today buying decisions are highly influenced by social media and internet based research, that affects brick and mortar but also web based business. 360° videos and Virtual Reality offer a new way to enjoy an experience, through sight, sound, and motion, users senses are stimulated in a multitude of ways.

We converged these insights and developed a new way to bring the experience to consumers about a product or service, before they purchase it. Essentially, we use these immersive technologies and distribute ‘branded content’ for companies willing to reach potential clients and engage them in a highly innovative, original and leading edge way.

To amplify the scope reaching potential end purchasers for brands, we orchestrate a network of websites, blogs and portals to distribute this content, becoming one of the first Ad Network focused in 360°/VR Advertising.

But we are moving one step forward. We developed a solution to bring a real 360° experience in the intimacy of our users’ home.

Click on the following url and watch how we can achieve this challenge.