Multicultural Programmatic Advertising Integrations

Multicultural Programmatic Advertising

There is no doubt that programmatic advertising has taken the advertising world by storm accounting for nearly 70% globally and 85% in the United States for 2020 display advertising spending.  But how can you leverage multicultural programmatic advertising to support your diversity advertising programs.

Diversity & Multicultural Advertising has always been important but has received additional focus recently. How can advertisers and agencies reach multicultural audiences programmatically and more important effectively.

Standard programmatic marketplaces do offer data layers that allow a buyer to check the box.  However, for advertisers want to effectively reach multicultural segments, it is important to go beyond just checking the box for diversity events (black history month or Hispanic heritage month) and work with experienced diversity partners that can go beyond. 

From a direct campaign to adding Alcance’s multicultural PMP segments to your current platform we offer options for all advertisers trying to reach diverse segments. 

Benefits of Alcance Media Group Multicultural Private Marketplace (PMP)

Alcance Media Group is focused specifically on reaching multicultural & diversity segments.  Diversity marketing campaigns with AlcanceMG leverage direct publisher relationships, data partnerships,  programmatic technology and most importantly experience to create multicultural programmatic marketplace integrations.

Beyond just checking the box, adding in Alcance’s Multicultural Private Marketplace options benefit from years of experience with diversity campaigns across all industries.

  • Alcance Hispanic Marketplace (PMP)
  • Asian American AAPI Marketplace (PMP)
  • Black / African American Marketplace (PMP)
  • Arab American PMP
  • Custom Diversity Marketplace Options 
  • Language specific options (Spanish language marketing, Chinese language marketing and more)

If your agency currently uses a DSP it is as simple as reaching out to the Alcance Team to coordinate the diversity segment PMP’s to your system.

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