Advertisers & Agencies

Multicultural Segments

Utilizing display and video options across desktop and mobile devices connect brands with key multicultural segments. Key segments: Hispanic (U.S. & Canada), Asian (U.S., Canada &Latin America), African American (U.S.). Our international reach focuses on reaching Latin America, Caribbean, Mexico & Canada in addition to the United States.


We offer extensive targeting options for our advertiser and agency partners.  Leveraging our multicultural network partners with the top data providers we pinpoint your target.  Just some of the key parameters:  Contextual, Language, Device, Hyperlocal, Competitor, Interest, Demographic, Political affiliation and more.

Brand Safety

Alcance has been successful for over 10 years working with the brand safety requirements of our advertisers. Leveraging our team with the latest technology partners we assure the best in safety. From managing white lists, excluding words & phrases to integrating Sizmek, IAS and others to assure the maximum precaution is taken.

Advertisers & Agencies

Combining the our multicultural focused ad network experience with trusted supply and data partners Alcance Media Group is your key partner to connect with multicultural segments across digital and mobile platforms.

Display & Mobile

  • Hispanic (U.S. & Canada)
  • Latin America, Mexico & Caribbean
  • Asian (U.S. & Canada)
  • African American (U.S.)
  • Native American (U.S. & Canada)

Targeting & Brand Safety

  • Brand Safety technology
  • Device targeting
  • Geographic (including Hyperlocal)
  • Interest (ex. Auto intenders, travelers and more)
  • Competitor targeting (ex. Honda, AT&T )
  • Household income HHI
  • Integration of 1st party data
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) ( ex. Video completion rate VCR, viewability)
  • Brand Safety exclusions (ex. Violence, political etc.)

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