Covid-19 Diversity Health Outreach

Multicultural Communities Face Increased Risks from Coronavirus COVID-19 and many state and local health departments are trying to reach out to these communities and we are here to assist.

Alcance Media Group has set up programs to assist local, state, and federal health programs to assist in reaching out to multicultural communities.  

 Key Multicultural Segments that need diverse COVID-19 health outreach

Hispanic | Latino
African American | Black
Arab American
Asian American
Native American | Pacific Islander

Our expertise is in working with diverse communities, many of which are considered high risk in regards to COVID-19 and as such are in a position to assist wherever possible. 

COVID-19 Free & Discounted Service Examples

Translation – Trans creation
Multicultural Media Planning | Consulting
Research & Information
Cross Platform Digital Media Execution 

If you work with a health service that offers assistance or can benefit from expanded outreach to multicultural communities please contact our CEO Chris Stanley directly at chris at alcancemg dot com, schedule a conversation or send an inquiry and receive a response within 24 hours.