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Chinese New Year 2021 Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year 2021 Year of the Ox

2021 is the Year of the Ox on the Chinese Calendar
The Year of the Metal Ox comes right after the Year of the Metal Rat (2020) and before the Year of the Water Tiger (2022)!
According to the Lunar calendar, the Spring Festival starts on February 12th and lasts until February22nd, 2021. Unlike western holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, when you try to calculate it with the solar (Gregorian) calendar, the date is all over the place.

Ad Specifications

Ad Specifications

Here are the current digital ad specifications for campaigns running across AlcanceMG programmatic, multicultural, and international networks. These Ad Specifications work across platforms such as Connected TV / OTT, Desktop and Mobile devices.

Covid-19 Diversity Health Outreach

Covid-19 Diversity Health Outreach

Alcance Media Group has set up Coronavirus programs to assist local, state, and federal health programs to reach key diverse high risk multicultural communities such as African American, Native American and Hispanic communities, many of which are considered high risk in regards to COVID-19 and as such are in a position to assist wherever possible.

2021 Multicultural Events Calendar

2021 Multicultural Events Calendar

Beyond the key federal holidays that result in many cases to days off of work, there are an incredible mount of festivals, celebrations and remembrances that are known to varying degrees.  Below is a large list (does not contain all) that can help give some insight as to the many diverse celebrations in the United States.

Digital Advertising Services


Multicultural Marketing Solutions

Multicultural Marketing 

The U.S. market is diverse and AlcanceMG can digitally reach them.  Including multicultural reach into advertising strategy is key: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Indigenous and other diverse segments should be considered.


Display Advertising

Cross Platform Display

Extensive reach through digital banners across desktop and mobile devices.

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United States - Canada - Mexico

North America

The U.S., Canada, and Mexico are connected through commerce, travel and more.  Cross platform, cross border digital strategies can maximize your reach.


Video Advertising

Cross Platform Video

Extending audience reach through video on desktop, mobile, OTT and Connected TV platforms


Latin America - Caribbean - Global

Latin America | Caribbean

From international business to specific links with latino communities in the U.S., Alcance Media Group connects brands across borders. 


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A response driven component to digital advertising strategy includes email marketing.